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New Roof -Re Roof, Climate change Ready?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I think we've seen enough evidence that even the most ardent sceptic would agree, we are experiencing severe weather events increasing year on year.

If you are planning a new roofing project or renewing an existing roof ,severe weather conditions must be a factor. Even the basic roofing products used today would have a life expectancy between 20-30 years, at the pace of our changes in weather patterns is the current fixing recommendations enough to meet the challenges?

slate roof storm damaged
Natural Slate verge blown out with high winds

The most vulnerable areas of any roof are the perimeters , verges, valleys and ridge tiles, yet the specification for fixing hasn't changed in over a decade and some roofing contractors still employ the same method passed to them many years ago.

slate roofing trims for verges and valleys
Stuart Penrose Roofing verge and valley trims

This detail shows matching aluminium lock in trims by Stuart Penrose Roofing, protecting the cut slates from wind damage and uplift while leaving an aesthetically and maintenance free finish.

Stuart Penrose Demonstrates the craft of hand cutting 35mm thick Slate to create a chaffered edge seal

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