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McAdam Family Home Bangor                 2023

I live in a late 1960's detached house with a low pitched roof. We have been having persistent issues with leaks over the last 2-3 years. The membrane was becoming brittle, while the flat, concrete tiles were showing signs of age, with cracks and corners disappearing over time. I reached out to a number of roofers over a period of 2 years. They all promised to resolve the problems we were experiencing, but none of them delivered.

We then met Stuart Penrose 
Roofing, who, serendipitously, was undertaking a re roofing project in our area. Having met and talked to most of the roofers in Northern Ireland by this time, it was clear from talking to Stuart that he was different. He was knowledgeable, erudite, spoke with conviction and clearly knew his profession. We decided to book Stuart's services for a complete re roofing project. He presented a full pre project specification and full cost breakdown - something I have rarely seen from any tradesman, let alone a roofer - and it was clear from this point that the job was going to be done correctly and to a first class standard.

Stuart arrived with his team and had allocated approximately 2 weeks to carry out the works. Everything was very well organized and managed. The team worked diligently and efficiently and I was particularly impressed by the pace of the work, without compromising on quality and output. Stuart was hands on, leading from the front, doing the 'dirty work' as well taking moments to step back and assess the job in a strategic way. He also made solid recommendations - such as copper valleys to replace lead - so that water can be harvested if required. Think water charges down the line.... His approach to sustainability was also noteworthy and he used nothing but the best of materials and technologies open to him.

The end result could not have been better. We have a new roof with sustainable materials which will last for decades. The heat retention is also much better - Stuart Penrose Roofing even added extra insulation at no extra cost - and we really could not be any happier with the outcome. The job was finished with a full hand over of the completion pack, with pictures and a summary of each stage of the process and the work that was carried out.

A re roof is a big job and the outlay is considerable. If you want it done correctly, my advice is do not cut corners. From experience, I would look no further than Stuart Penrose Roofing who offer first class knowledge, quality, workmanship and service.

 Wynn Family Home Larne 2023

The rain may pour, the wind may howl, the snow may fall and finally, 3 years after moving into our 1890s house...we don't care! In a matter of weeks we have a completely refurbished and fully insulated roof that will be sound for another 100 years! Stuart Penrose Roofing

What a relief to have Stuart's expertise and sympathetic touch to our Victorian home.

We have been overwhelmed by his eye to detail and how everything has been done to maintain the dignity of the period. It's a new roof made by reclaiming as many of the original tiles as possible. We feel honoured to have Stuart Penrose Roofing  our home.


It was a scary thought, having never done anything like this before, however we were put to ease immediately when Stuart took the time to explain his procedures. On meeting Stuart his professionalism and his obvious love, great skill and interest in his craft was immediately apparent.


The fact that he would be on site the whole time was a great comfort. Thankfully he doesn't mind cats, anxious dogs or moody teenagers either! His attention to the little things are impressive and going the extra mile to ensure all is done well, we have learnt is just his way! We trusted his suggestions all the way...this guy knows what he is talking about! The copper flashing is just amazing, what a difference! It's a new roof which looks like it was always there, in the best way possible. 


The chimney work also we are so grateful for. Problems spotted were swiftly repaired and the chimney looks fabulous. We would never have thought of painting it...but Wow!! Stuart and his team went beyond..(as well as above!) our expectations.  We cannot believe the difference the new roof has made to our  house, and the only downside now is that the rest of our renovation needs to match Mr Penrose' exacting standards. We have some other work to attend to now!


Thank you Stuart for all you and your team have done for us and for your meticulous work. We really appreciated your weekly updates and brilliant photos.  We will definitely be adding those to our album. 

The Wynn family 

 Clarkson Family Home 2022

Good morning Stuart

Thank you SO much for all the wonderful work & detail that you have put into doing this work. We’re delighted! I’m currently standing at the bottom of the garden & looking back up to those beautiful old  slates with the copper detail & it’s 👌.

Having the scaffolding up wasn’t a real issue for us, but when it came down it was like an unveiling of what was behind! I hadn’t realised the impact of it all & could then appreciate the copper detailing, the beautiful work done on the main bay with the leading, copper & guttering! Also the old slates above the front aspect of the dining room have a massive impact too!

Who would have thought 6 months ago that we would be sitting here with the house reroofed & guttering done. We’re SO glad Stuart that you picked up on my call. I will always appreciate that!

You & Eddie were fantastic to have around & of course we’ll be passing your name on to anyone who asks .Stuart Penrose Roofing would be the only recommendation

I’m sorry that you had to cancel Kerry  , but thank you for the time & effort that you & Eddie gave yesterday. Your heads must have been boiled & you must have been relieved to get back to the sanctuary of your own homes!!!

Take care Stuart & many many thanks again.

Now onto our next task in hand......& so it goes on......

Judith& Ian 

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