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Copper Ridge Systems  
The home of roof top solutions since 2001

Copper Ridge Systems are the market leaders in the manufacture of high grade copper roof flashings, designed to combat the growth of moss and algae, servicing the commercial and domestic roofing sector. The company was formed by Stuart Penrose in 2001, one of Northern Irelands leading Roofing specialists .Copper Ridge is still manufactured by SPR and shipped directly to clients UK

wide & Ireland ,We provide copper ridge strips, full copper ridge and retro fit copper ridge caps to suit most ridge tiles.

 As our climate changes and with the reduction of fossil fuels which released sulphur into the atmosphere moss and lichen have become more widespread which if left untreated can seriously damage your roof coverings.

 Read what Scientists at Bangor university bio composites centre are developing     in an attempt to combat this problem on roof coverings using copper from mussel shells

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Full Copper Ridge System

New or Re-Roofing? Why not fit Full Roll Top Copper Ridge complete with fixings and Copper Clips.

This replaces the need for any other ridge tile. A stunning feature that kills moss as it ages

copper strips for moss

Retro Fit over existing Ridge tiles

  Plain Angle Copper over ridge sections 200mm wide (8") 450mm long (to match standard ridge tile)

Copper for moss cleaner on the roof

Copper Half Round 

  Half round retro fitted to new concrete ridge tiles to prevent moss growth

copper ridge on roof to prevent moss

The Copper concept

Copper detailing to a re-roofing project with Zinc cladding to sides

fire break and copper.jpg

For Full Details on our complete Copper Roofing products why not visit 
Read more on the  Copper Concept 


Copper Ridge Systems is part of the SPR group

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