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Choosing a Roofing Contractor for a domestic home.. Is bigger always better?

Domestic roofing requires a completely different approach from commercial roofing,

This is a family homes that is occupied during the contract

Re-roofing the family home is probably going to be the largest undertaking of work carried out while you are still living in the property.

Given the potential for things to go horribly wrong, is it best to go with a large roofing company, after all this company has four vans on the road, they must be ok right ?

When it comes to domestic roofing that could be a red flag.

Any roofing company with that number of staff will be heavy reliant on commercial work, building developments sites, through a builder or main contractor, the staff maybe self employed and subcontracting to the company that you have engaged to carry out the work, Now that may work ok on a building site, but it doesn’t always transfer well to a domestic occupied family home.

What happens if you develop a problem during the project and the big company office hours are 9-5pm?

leaking roof no help form roofing company
leaking roof , no answer from the company you've employed to do the work

So where do you start your search?

Word of mouth is still the best recommendation .

If you have properties of a similar age and size close to you, or on the same street and they have recently had a new roof completed go have a chat, ask who completed the work and if they would recommend the company, I recently completed a re-roofing project in Bangor co Down, in October last year and I'm now on number 5 in row!

If you are starting fresh without any prior recommendations here are a few things to look out for and this applies not to just a complete re-roof but also repairs of any kind.

Ltd Companies that have been recently incorporated under a similar name to one that was dissolved ,same directors ,same premises only the trading name has been altered slightly and the signage doesn’t make it clear that this a new company ,if this is the case its worthwhile doing a little extra research before engaging them.

Reviews online, a good first step in the process ,if a company has been trading for a good period of time and has no reviews or they have turned reviews off, big red flag!

Accountability and Availability

Ideally, you need whoever is receiving the payment to be on-site, doing the work along with his team, this eliminates so many possible pitfalls during the project.

If your project is re-roofing an old property ,chances are timbers may need replacing and other unforeseen problems may occur that are only visible once the roof has been removed,

If you have a sub contract team, more often than not they will be be on a very tight margin after the company you employed directly to carry out the works takes their margin from the price .

Any delays will further reduce that margin, the temptation to ignore the problem and carry on is greatly increased.

In my next blog I will cover receiving quotes ,How much detail should be included

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