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"On The House" Domestic Roofing Advice

Welcome to "On The House". A roofing blog by Stuart Penrose

Stuart Penrose has been setting the standard in the roofing industry for over three decades and has been entrusted with some of Irelands most iconic heritage buildings.

Stuart Penrose streamlined the business in 2007 and turned his attention to the domestic roofing sector, an area that had suffered from poor regulation and a lack of professionalism.

“ I was receiving an alarming number of calls from homeowners that had fallen victim to the rogue element that has become synonymous with our industry”

Stuart`s approach to the domestic market mirrored that of his reputation in the heritage sector and he was awarded Domestic Roofing contactor of the year 2019 based on customer reviews.

wood treatment of roof rafters
Stuart Penrose works with his team on every domestic property

Knowledge you can use

Over time my aim is to build a data base of practical help and advice to ensure you get the best outcome from your project, from choosing the right contractor to carry out the work dos & don'ts when receiving quotes. Design and product selection through to application.

Totally Independent

Im not sponsored by any manufacture or supplier of any roofing products, Im not a member of any trade body or organisation ,I will go into more detail regarding my views and experience with Trade organisations that are heavily dependant on the support of manufactures and suppliers of roofing products in later posts


If you are building a home or planning a roofing project check back for helpful tips and advice .

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