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We offer the complete roofing package 

Stuart Penrose demonstrates hand cutting heavy slate achieving that important riven edge

Re-Roofing-New Builds

Fully qualified in-house team. We have our own scaffolding team.We take care of everything from start to completion.  if you want to see some of historic works please click this link

valley and dorm.jpg

We fold and press all out metals be-spoke to your requirements .As we meet the weather patterns in years to come we include copper flashings as standard including Moss reducing ridge tiles. We make lock in trims for higher wind lift resistance ,Facia in beautiful zinc with a range of colours and tones that will last the lifetime of the building with no maintenance  


We guarantee all our repairs, and we are called on many times where others have failed to solve the problem. Stuart Penrose is highly respected by many mortgage lenders and insurance companies and provides a full detailed report with any consultation   

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